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Andhra Politics: Pathological insecurity of CBN

If there is ranking for cynically insecure politicians in India, CBN should top the rankings by huge margin.  The fact that he lacks basic leadership skills aggravates his insecurity. A poor communicator with no charisma, so far he failed to … Continue reading

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Moditva arrives in Delhi

The spectacular victory of Narendra Modi for the fourth consecutive term has finally opened up possibilities of his emergence as top contender for premiership in Delhi. Though his party has to take call on his candidature it would be extreme … Continue reading

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Swamy Dayananda and his Satyartha Prakasha

Satyarth Prakash is a treatise by Dayananda on his vision of vedic civilization. He attempted to present a comprehensive view of vedic civilization based on vedic literature. The importance of this book for hindu self-rejuvenation is critical, cannot be overlooked … Continue reading

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