Moditva arrives in Delhi

The spectacular victory of Narendra Modi for the fourth consecutive term has finally opened up possibilities of his emergence as top contender for premiership in Delhi. Though his party has to take call on his candidature it would be extreme foolishness on their part not to project him as PM, without him there is no chance for them to even come close to power in Delhi. On every parameter Modi stands tall compared to any other leader not only in his party but across political spectrum. He is extremely popular not only in Gujarat but across India, each passing day the curiosity of average Indian on Modi phenomenon is only increasing.


Why is average Indian interested in Modi? Looking beyond his success in governance and economic growth what might have brought him closer to masses is his style of leadership; he not only leads them politically but also educates them. Modi is a great communicator of ideas, not only communication he gives ideas a form on the ground, this makes his message credible to the masses, they have seen him walk the talk, an extremely rare quality in Indian politics.

He communicates a message of hope, confidence and a sense of purpose. From his roots as an RSS pracharak he articulates a vison that combines individual aspirations to the larger civilizational impulses and patriotic instincts of society. He wouldn’t have been successful had he just talked about cultural nationalism without making any contribution to the economic well being of people and the converse is also true.

Modi is also sociologically better suited to lead this country than any other politician of today.  He represents hindu sociological mean, he is neither a product of elitism nor a leader who capitalizes on misery of masses and perpetual victimhood. He is sociologically neutral within hindu society. All classes, castes can listen to him.His conduct in power emphasized that his approach is beyond any caste or class.

Coming to the practical aspects of his ascendance to the power in Delhi, it’s not impossible for him to capture Delhi but he needs an unconventional approach. He has to focus on two different sections of Indian society at the same time 1) The Urban middle class 2) The Rural middle class. If modi could become spokesperson for these two classes, they will resonate to his vision and the momentum generated charges up major sections of society. He has already experimented this in Gujarat and India just needs a replication of this strategy with some fine tuning to the local conditions.

Also, Modi has to run a very unconventional campaign to reach out to masses, the key for his national success depends on the level of his message penetration. His enemies will make all efforts to confuse voters and unlike Gujarat the bjp machinery is not robust in most of south and even in states like UP.  So, an approach that takes his campaign direct to masses with minimum effort is required, his NaMo TV and 3-D campaign are excellent initiatives in that direction. Imagine the impact of 50 3-D meetings by Modi in urban, semi-urban centres in a state like Andhra where bjp has little presence. It’s a great idea if 3-D logistics and costs can be handled outside Gujarat also.

If Modi is serious about his national role for 2014 he should come out of Gujarat in coming few months, the best route is to claim for president of Bjp in January and lead the party from the front in Delhi. He could both be a president and a Bjp PM candidate for next general elections. Gangrene has infected critical parts of bjp unless it is cleaned bjp can’t be ready for the war ahead.

Modi presents an alternative leadership to this country not only for economic prosperity but also a socio-cultural vision; he offers a different paradigm of leadership that India has not seen for a very long time. Will Bjp, RSS respond to the surge from ground for Moditva and let him occupy centrestage?


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4 Responses to Moditva arrives in Delhi

  1. Arun Madhav says:

    Nice read. While Congress, government and media is insensitive to external threats and then reactive after something serious happens, NaMo shows a different approach – not on-the-spur jingoism, but a proactive approach that eliminates those threats before they become reality. Consider the current ceasefire breaches from the other side of LoC. NaMo is not baying for anyone’s blood now. For a long time now, he has been voicing his concerns on national security, and the centre was sitting cute on all those inputs, but after the horrifying event occurred, NOW, and only now centre has joined the rhetoric, instead of controlling or pre-empting it.

    But NaMo shows a calm yet resolute picture – and I am sure he will be a great PM, even just based on this one singular episode. Its sickening to see Media trying to paint that Pakistan Delegation’s presence in Vibrant Gujarat is a compromise to national security. They are guests, individuals from business, and they need to be protected, heard irrespective of their nation’s breaches. I just hope he does not budge under the immense pressure of all reactionaries – he must stay NaMo, stand tall.

    That ability of NaMo to separate wheat from chaff is very very very rare and shows his great potential towards India’s growth and development.

    As an able administrator – there is no need to write his credentials here. He is able to judge the short, mid and long term needs of a young nation like ours and formulate decisions and policies that will fulfill those needs. Because Rome cannot be built in a day, politicos in India have been taking short cuts to retain power – case in point is Didi’s Nandigram rhetoric. But this man, has made the voting public realize the shortsightedness of that approach – which has come to be the hallmark of most of our central governments for the past 60 years. That is truly amazing.

  2. Shardul says:

    First thanks for sharing & spreading Modi-love.
    Modi has unique knack to listen (common man’s concerns) and address the issue effectively using the available infrastructure; e.g. successfully addressing power & water crisis in Gujarat. Taking up issues where public have almost given up e.g. health & education (both have improved in Gujarat over last decade) and ability to turn challenges into opportunity e.g. Nano. All these not only make him a good administrator but also a popular leader

  3. cpings says:

    3 months after this blog is published, BJP and RSS seem to have made up their mind to make NaMo as their face and serve India. 🙂

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