Can NaMo do a NTR at national level?

    The drubbing Bjp got in Karnataka assembly elections indicate how far the party moved away from the ground realities. The party lost Uttarakhand, Himachal and Karnataka inspite of despondent mood in the country on pathetic state of affairs under UPA regime.  The people are refusing to see any hope in any party.  They are going for ruthless revenge against non-performing incumbent governments, mercilessly slaughtering governments overlooking party affiliations.

People are desperate for an alternative but they don’t see any credible alternative, they see opposition party as useless as the pathetic govt. The opposition in Delhi is invisible to them with no credible leader on the horizon. The rot in the opposition needs a big thesis by itself, in summary opposition party is an abysmal failure with non-entities pretending as leaders taking it closer to extinction each passing day.

Though people have no faith in Bjp as an alternative they look at Narendra Modi with interest. He is kind of enigma to them, not a run of the mill politician, they see some distinct leadership qualities in him. His talk and mannerism creates an impression that’s very different from what they have in mind for a typical politician.

Though Narendra Modi has huge committed following across Urban India, his rural impact is yet to be tested. For the Bjp supporter he is the only credible hope if the party has to even stay in the game of next govt formation.

The Indian voter has double standards with Bjp vis-a-vis other parties, particularly Congress. They see congress as a default ruling party and expect other parties to show how they are different from Congress. The opposition should bring some value to the table, either with credible leadership or an agenda.  Wherever it has its base intact only under extreme irritation Indian voter reject congress for other parties.

Historically,people rejected congress whenever a credible leader emerged against it, a Jaiprakash  Narayan during emergency or a V.P Singh after the Bofors scandal. However these leaders fought against congress by uniting splintered opposition forces, as soon as the battle was won their internal contradictions pulled them apart, each time strengthening the impression in the voter’s mind that congress is natural party of governance for this country.

At the regional level alternatives periodically emerged to congress after long efforts of political consolidation by making or breaking social alliances. But, perhaps no other leader in the country was as remarkably successful as NTR in breaking the back of congress party in a record short period of 9 months after forming the party. His politics, strategy and campaign style is worth a study for any leader who wants to uproot congress from the country. NTR couldn’t totally destroy Congress as his clout was regional and the poisonous roots of Congress exist in Delhi. As national front chairman he still made all efforts to bring opposition together to challenge congress.


NTR strategy was very different from the onset; he took politics to the people away from Durbari culture. For the first time a political aspirant in India was on the roads meeting and educating people. At the age of 60 his Chaitanya Ratham (Chevrolet Van- read here,watch here, watch here) travelled close to 75,000 kms reaching every nook and corner of Andhra Pradesh. He ate with people, slept in his van, took bath on road side, such was his commitment to uproot congress from power. As an actor NTR was extremely popular in Andhra Pradesh but he took no chances against formidable Indira congress. In each constituency NTR visited during his campaign he brought up local issues invoking Telugu pride, made brutal frontal attacks on congress with choicest telugu words.

NTR’s campaign reached people’s hearts. He mingled with people, called them Gods and society a temple. When he became CM he took oath amidst common people in a stadium. All these could look symbolic but they send a deep message to people. With a very positive mandate NTR presided over changes that decisively influenced Andhra Pradesh for good, no CM can even come close to his personal integrity and what he did for Andhra Pradesh.

Currently, In Modi, people see for the first time after independence a non-congress leader with a pan India following based on his integrity, leadership and track record. He is the best bet for an NTR style campaign at national level to uproot the poisonous congress tree. India has 543 lok sabha constituencies. Can Narendra Modi spend half a day in each constituency, talking local and national issues, invoking national pride, making frontal attacks on enemies of nation, mingling with people without compromising his security? He has done it in Gujarat to some extent but an all India campaign will test the limits of his capacity.


To demolish congress mafia forever there is no other option than educating people by reaching out to them. Narendra modi campaign should be unprecedented at the national level, it should have high voltage impact. His campaign videos must be translated into regional languages and showed all the way through his national campaign trail. He has to start now, there is not even a second to waste, and elections could be announced any time Only Narendra Modi can do NTR at national level to permanently bury congress. Bjp Delhi non-leaders presiding over decision making bodies cannot pretend oblivious of this historic responsibility to uproot congress nationally, if they don’t act the supporters are ready to bury the party in a deep pit.


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