Intellectual poverty of Sudras and Dalits

Caste has been a publicly derided and privately practiced system among all streams of Indian elite. The anglophile Left-Secular stream mostly from savarna castes seemingly opposes caste vehemently, but just a scratch on their agenda would show the ugly under belly of using caste as a tool to secure their own privileged position against all possible competition. The Right-Hindutva stream, which is also led by mostly Savarnas, apparently aspires to upstage Left-Secular establishment using Hindu identity subsuming the caste identity of Hindus, particularly lower castes.

Both establishment ideological streams are uncomfortable when it actually comes to accommodating people from Sudra-Dalit castes into their inner circles and there is widespread opinion among many political watchers that these seemingly mutually exclusive groups actually cooperate at some level to monopolize the discourse in the country. So, one can see arguments in TV studios between good friends between Left and Right.

The Left-Secular establishment owned TV studios, Think Tanks invite the same set of people from Right-Hindutva group, as if they signed long term contracts with them, and, out of gratitude or as per the terms of the contract the Hindutva side makes a show of opposition, In fact after Modi rise they actually started silent cheering in Left-Secular TV studios when it comes to criticism on Modi.

People who can put forward some coherent points on caste issues, coming from oppressed castes, with their natural inclination to Left-Secular ideas find it difficult to be recognized or find a place in the exclusive elite Left-Secular club of upper castes. The educated thinkers from lower caste find Hindutva-Right agenda as an attempt to drag them back to the oppressive varna system and they naturally have no inclination to join them, moreover, with emphasis on pristine savarna revivalism the Hindutva group drives serious thinkers away.

The Left-Secular upper caste establishment dominates the intellectual establishment in the country. Before the rise of Modi they also managed to dominate the politics through Congress-Left parties for a century, particularly after independence. The Hindutva-Right group after being submissive as a managed opposition for decades to Congress hurriedly emerged as an opposition with the help from same Congress when other serious groups threatened their cozy arrangement beginning from 80s. The collaboration between congress and RSS on Ramajanmabhoomi movement is no more a secret.

The cozy setup between Congress and Hindutva continued under Vajpayee, perhaps as a gratitude for letting him remain as a big opposition leader for decades. By an accident of destiny, a leader emerged outside the cozy arrangement and he has the genius to consolidate his position after every step in his political progression. This has so upset the Congress-RSS arrangement; they tried everything to finish Narendra Modi at every step after his deadly intentions of a leader in his own right with independent thinking were revealed to Congress-RSS cozy club.

Narendra Modi emerged as a leader in his own right and talent to become PM of India, he also happened to be from a very ordinary background. The Congress-RSS club is upset with this sudden political transformation in the country and trying hard to somehow neutralize this threat to their hegemony. The RSS taking the lead now within Congress-RSS system is carefully weaving a net around Modi, so that he won’t be able to control the leadership evolution inside Bjp, and be in a position to takeover party in a potential post- Modi scenario.

The Congress party was hijacked by Nehru family after Gandhi-Patel duo built it as a mass organization, similarly after decades of little success for the Hindutva parivar Narendra Modi managed to bring the RSS parivar to power with full majority with his strong appeal to Dalits and Sudras and general poor. Now the Sangh Parivar has a chance to hijack the mandate to Narendra Modi if somehow it can neutralize him. Members of the Congress-RSS cozy club are already expressing their sympathies to Congress on social media; they don’t want its total collapse as they fear the political vacuum would be occupied by Dalits or Sudras.

The Sudras with their strong regional appeal tried to consolidate and capture some political power in Delhi through alliances in the past, but each time members of RSS-Congress cozy club as part of coalition sabotaged. The complete Congress collapse would free the opposition space with a possible emergence of a Dalit-Sudra led political coalition. This is a threat to the Congress-RSS monopoly in Delhi mostly led by savarna castes.

After Bjp victory in 2014 there is fresh enthusiasm within joint Congress-RSS supporting groups, after a period of thirty years one of their favorite political party got full majority and they are in full steam to reverse the political gains made by Sudras in North India after Mandal era and split Sudras in South India. Just like Sardar Patel helped to consolidate Congress among Sudras, they achieved the same through Narendra Modi and now making schemes, with their people at right places, to hijack Bjp at the top in a post-Modi era or after potential sabotage at any available opportunity.

The varna system existed in the country for millennia has intellectually impoverished Dalits-Sudras in the country. They are not in a position to intellectually assert though they have made some gains in politics at the regional level. Political hegemony can be fought through and cannot be maintained for long, but political hegemony supported by Intellectual hegemony is a deadly combination and this has been the story of Indian politics so far. The regional political gains of Sudras will be repeatedly neutralized if they fail to takeover the affairs of the country both politically and intellectually in Delhi, but it’s a daunting task given their intellectual poverty from millenia.

For thousands of years the keys to the civilization and system in India were owned by few Savarna groups and passed as hereditary property, since they had the exclusive monopoly on knowledge sources, which is the real power of a civilization, the whole system including political power followed the framework monopolized by few groups.

When British came they managed to shake the knowledge foundations of Indian civilization, the savarna groups progressively abandoned their traditional sources in favor of European ideas and knowledge. They adapted to English and European ideas but continued their intellectual domination on Indian masses through varna lenses with the borrowed European tools.

The crisis for Sudras and Dalits in the country is more related to intellectual impoverishment of millennia; they are so dumbed down and intellectually intimidated that even some educated Sudras think very low about themselves and their potential. If the Sudras can’t see the emerging socio-political game in Delhi, they could potentially lose another century of access to the real power in the country.

Political power in Delhi can help Sudras-Dalits to also rise at the intellectual level which in turn will sustain the political gains. If Sudras-Dalits raise their intellectual abilities and realize their potential it would lead to a new Indian renaissance with emphasis on equal opportunity and can push India to the top league.


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2 Responses to Intellectual poverty of Sudras and Dalits

  1. 1>savarna means non dalits among hindus.. so savarna inlucdes shudraas. so do not try to use savarna against shudras.
    2>shudras is 85% around of this 85% can never be fooled. that too in this age of mobile .
    3>any caste based organisation/party/idea/groupism/cooperation is going to go down ..just a matter of time..chill…

  2. shudra is savarna . + no caste based party/idea/groupism can not survive..just a matter of time..+

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